An old Chinese Proverb states: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

We believe the current oil & gas industry down cycle for both exploration and service companies will fully manifest itself over the next several years. Not since the 1980’s has the industry seen or experienced such enormous growth and rapid deleveraging.

Lenders, at every tranche, companies, investors and creditors are now recognizing the potential losses from the multi-year boom that began in early 2001. And, the apparent failures of mega-case chapter 11 pre-pack negotiations & plans such as Samson Energy, et al. have further clouded the business restructuring and financial solutions landscape.

This multi-year, generational event and the ability to find practical, implementable and sustainable solutions to complex financial, operational, regulatory and environmental issues should not be left to those who have no real oilfield experience, other than saying they worked on an energy case.

SCP’s oil & gas industry professionals have real time expertise they bring to each client engagement and respond quickly and act dependably to find solutions to liquidity, financial, operational and restructuring issues experienced by their clients.